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The Genetic Clinic is a private genetic counselling service based in Sydney. 
We aim to help you understand the genetic basis of disease, and how this impacts on you and your family.
If you are planning a pregnancy or if you are already pregnant, you may be interested in testing for common genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy or Tay Sachs Disease. We are also able to discuss testing your pregnancy for chromosome changes such as Down syndrome and help you decide about your prenatal screening and diagnostic options.
If you have a family history of a genetic condition, we can advise you on the implications of this for you and your future reproductive plans.
We can also assess your family history of cancer and determine whether genetic testing for a cancer susceptibility gene is indicated.
All these services are offered by certified genetic counsellors, who specialise in explaining the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of genetic testing.
For more information, please see our "Services" page or contact us at: