Genetic Counselling Sydney-The Genetic Clinic


Why should I come to The Genetic Clinic?
The Genetic Clinic is a specialised clinical service offering assessment and advice regarding genetic testing. If you are planning a pregnancy or have a family history of disease, we can help you understand your risk and options.
What happens at my appointment? 
At your appointment, we will collect some health information about you and your family by taking a family tree. It would be useful if you can collect some information about your relatives and their health prior to the appointment. Depending on your reason for attending, we may arrange some blood tests to test for particular genetic conditions. 
Do I need a referral?
No referral is required to see a genetic counsellor.
How much does it cost?
The initial appointment fee is $175. If a follow-up appointment is subsequently required, the fee is $90.
Please note that the cost for any genetic testing will be charged independently from the pathology service that performs the test. We will advise you of the approximate cost prior to testing. 
Will my private health insurance cover my visit?
At present, private health insurance does not cover the cost of your consultation or testing.
Are these services available through the public health system?
Some, but not all, of the services provided at The Genetic Clinic may be available through the major public hospitals in NSW.
The waiting lists for these services in the public system often exceed 6 months.
Do you do paternity and ancestry testing?
No. Our areas of interest are clinical genetics and disease.